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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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Prove that.

Your first problem will be that the referendum vote was not counted by parliamentary constituencies, except for in NI. Once you've untangled that, my constituency, Windsor, heavily voted remain whilst the sitting MP was campaigning for leave. Add to that, our neighbour constituency, Maidenhead, also voted heavily to Remain, and it's MP is the PM who's attempting to enact the Leave vote.

There are times that I sincerely wish it were as simple as you make it out to be.
My pleasure:

Situation before 2017 election (source):

After 2017 election:
Parliament’s silent majority could thwart a hard Brexit

Three-quarters of MPs voted to remain.
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Anyway there was a general election last year where people voted in the Tory MPs of whom you are complaining so you have no grounds for "a mockery of representative democracy".
That's also the problem with party politics. I don't understand how any Tory Leaver could still vote for the party even if they pinched their nose at the moment, however if there was an election tomorrow they still would.
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