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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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Indeed, at least she tried to keep the shipwreck from happening. Power-hungry as she is, she's still got more and bigger cojones than all those hyenas like Farage, BoJo and Davis combined.
How? She's just reaping now what she's sown. She wanted to be PM. Which is where we come to one of the biggest loads of BS that's been spouted ever since the referendum. "Where is BoJo? Where is Farage to lead us out of this mess?". Well it's very simple, Farage can't become PM because he's from another party. BoJo went for the job as PM but didn't get it. Davis got a job as Brexit secretary but then had to quit, as Raab did, because Theresa May wouldn't allow (trust) them to do their job and handed the responsibility over to her (un-elected) civil servant Olly Robbins.

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Brexiteers couldn't wait for A50 to be triggered, even the 9-month preparatory phase was criticised as way too long. At the same time people pointing to the inadequate UK staff were dismissed as raising red herrings. As a result you got unfits like Davis and Raab in topmost positions.

The backstop is a sine qua non for any kind of deal, that's what it means to be small (Eire) but have lots of very strong supporters. The sequence of negotiations, preparation time, or people doing the negotiating, have exactly zero effect on that.

Coherence is irrelevant if it is simultaneously inacceptable for the counterparty. You know, like, wanting to be in the EEA without accepting the four freedoms and the ECJ's supremacy.

You're still in denial mode Loz. Even now. What's been bandied around and required from the UK governent amounts to squaring a circle, doesn't happen. Nor will it, as you just learned.
How am I in denial? I've pointed out clear errors that have been made during this negotiation. These are basic mistakes that Theresa May has made time and again.

Whilst there were many Brexiteers like Farage who wanted to trigger Article 50 shortly after the vote, there were equally many who were happy to wait to get the house in order first. Indeed the Vote Leave campaign said during the referendum that they wouldn't trigger Article 50 until everything was in place.

I've no problem with agreeing to a backstop per se, what I do have a problem with is agreeing to the Irish backstop that Theresa May did so easily back in December last year, which she did so for no good reason. And then she had the naivety not have any input into the writing of the legal text that accompanied it.

The biggest mistake however is not making serious preparations for no deal. It's an absolute fact in any negotiation that when someone is prepared to walk away from the table, you take them a lot more seriously.

The bottom line is that Theresa May is a remainer. Her chancellor is a remainer and so is the majority of her cabinet. What was needed, and is needed now is for a Brexiteer to step forward and take ownership of this process.
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