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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

Wow - hows this for some nice jingoistic nonsense to explain the narrow mindedness of
those extreme Brexiteers, who play on Britain's invasion fears and fantasies.

The Guardian - The Paranoid fantasy behind Brexit

Frankly I don't buy it and nor does Joe Public, so long as they've got their heads screwed
on straight !!
Although no doubt it's enjoying some mileage, when it comes to the Arch Brexiteers views
of the EU and shouting down the new Draft Agreement with the EU in Parliament.

Of course there's the generation that lived through the Second World War, to whom it might
strike a chord and no doubt welcomed new Orgre's like Joseph Stalin, Khrushchev and
Brezhnev, along with the threat of world communism during the Cold War but that ended
some 30 years ago now.
If that's the paranoid fantasy generation that the Guardian is eluding to, then
they are rapidly dying out, as they must be well into their 90's by now !!

Still I blame the Daily Mail for starting it all back in 1906 with The Invasion of 1910, a
serialization of the William Le Queux novel which was adapted to have the German Army
march through the Home counties and those areas of high Daily Mail readership !!

In fact I wouldn't put it past the Daily Mail for starting all those German Paratroopers
dressed up as Nun's stories !!

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