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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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Would you happen to have Cypriot ancestry? One branch of my partner's family do, and they share your disdain for the UK.

Personally, I hate to see any country destroy itself. Obviously, that's heightened when it's my own country of origin. I'm not adverse to change, but abhor chaos, particularly when it creates a power vacuum. The UK isn't at that point, and I don't foresee it, but the complete lack of order, foresight, direction and unified planning is disconcerting.

There's a lot to be gained financially from chaos, but only a select few would benefit from that. Strangely, many of them are closely connected to leading Brexiteers. So to conclude, I'm seething watching the people of my country getting screwed over by a bunch of greedy, lying, selfish twonks who couldn't give a flying feck about anyone other than themselves.
Nope, nothing to do with Cyprus, never been there.

I do not hate Britain particularly (a bit yes, for its colonial past and the role it played in Greek politics right after WW2), but being a staunch euro-federalist, I grew tired of the constant whining from Britain with respect to European Integration during my 20s, as well as the full support you guys gave to the Iraq war. Then came the financial crisis and you decided to let the Eurozone figure it out on its own, while you were feeling so vindicated for having kept your beloved pound. It became obvious over time that Britain had got the best possible deal out of the EU and this made you treat everybody else with arrogance.
So it would be lovely to see the British economy being ruined, not for the sake of it being ruined (which for example I would love to see in countries I really hate), but really what would make it lovely is the fact that it would be ruined exactly because it left the EU.
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