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Re: Thinking of switching from Swisscom

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I have Swisscom for Internet, TV and Mobile Phone, it's quite expensive at CHF195 per month but I have Gigabit internet and it all works well.
I was pretty happy with them as they seem more reliable and with better customer service than the likes of UPC and Orange (now Salt obvs) that I used before.
However, I just had my first disappointment with them.
I was on holiday in Japan recently when there was a serious earthquake which resulted in death and a complete blackout. In the aftermath I tried to get information from the official helpline, the UK Embassy etc.
When I got home I was (naively maybe) shocked to see the charges of CHF200 so I contacted them to see if they would maybe reduce the charges, considering the circumstances and the fact that if you are in danger of building up excessive roaming data charges, you are informed, with calls, you are not.
Anyway, they were not interested in any sort of goodwill gesture so it made me reconsider my options.
I'm aware that this was my fault and they are not obliged to do anything but hoped for some flexibility considering the situation.

So, looking around, Salt TV looks inferior as I can't get the same UK domestic channels in HD nor the Pay per view football rentals from Teleclub and Salt mobile still seems to have inferior coverage.
Otherwise, how are UPC these days?
Who else is there?
Should I just swallow my pride and stick with Swisscom?

Any advice would be gratefully received.
Would be the same with all the others. You should know anyhow that its expensive to call overseas. Use whatsapp or skype next time
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