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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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Time for a much needed reality check here:

An EU Army:
I assume were talking about EU Army troops being stationed in the UK and setting up bases
in Britain - in other words foreign troops on British soil !!

Reality check:

As usual the Brexiteers are turning a blind eye to the foreign troops that are already stationed
on British soil and in fact have been in the UK ever since the Second World War.
I am of course referring to the United States Army and Air Force who never went home after WWII
and have failed to go home again after the end of the Cold War.

In fact the White House and the US government have always been pulling strings in the UK -
the EU ( by comparison ) haven't even come close to exerting the sort of influence the
United States enjoys over the UK under it's special, one sided relationship.
So the Brexits have already failed before they have even begun - as the UK would have to
ditch the special US relationship to really get back control.
I have no concern about EU foreign troops being stationed in the UK because:
1) There is zero strategic value in doing this
2) The UK would never allow it anyway

The "US pulling the strings" that you refer to, is called NATO. And as an EU federalist, you should be jolly happy that it exists as the EU wouldn't were it not for this alliance.

What actually concerns me about EU army is what it will be used for. A central EU controlled army that can be sent into pesky states like Poland or Hungary which aren't playing ball is quite a frightening prospect. Or having dead kids sent back back from the eastern front draped in an EU flag having been shot in the face by Ivan thanks to some ridiculous EU expansionist ambitions is something that I can't really stomach.

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An EU Tax Authority, an EU Labour authority & no doubt an EU Social Security
and Pensions system

Reality check:
The only people who would fear an EU wide tax authority are those with something to hide like
undeclared assets squirreled away in off shore bank accounts.
An EU labour authority will no doubt bring in a level playing field for those seeking work
and employment opportunities both at home and abroad with a harmonizing of qualifications,
professional bodies, etc, etc.
A "level playing field" is something of a joke. On the one side the EU hates competition, on the other side they have a currency, which at its core is unfair. I find abhorrent the very idea that a country can be limited on what tax rates it's allowed to set within its own borders.

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An EU wide EU Social Security and Pensions system

Reality check:
Bring it on - just think if Britain had remained in the EU, the millennial generation
could have looked forward to a far, far better EU State Pension, instead of the joke
that is the British State Pension, renowned for being one of the developed worlds
worst state pension schemes.
I think you need the reality check here, pal. Just who exactly is going to pay for your wonderful EU State Pension? The Greeks? Portugal? Lithuania? Or perhaps expansion into that economic hotbed known as the Balkans will solve the problem? I think you'll find the only place that's EU related where you can guarantee a gold plated pension is if you work for the EU itself.

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Deeper political intergration

Reality check
Bring it on - it's got to be better than the current crop of British politicians and the
cabinet that comprises Mayhem's government.
I despair of finding any true statesmen and women in Westminster, like we had in the past !!
And here we get to the crux of it. It's hard for me to imagine what it must be like to feel such self loathing for the country of your birth and its inhabitants that you're prepared, no eager in fact, to give up you own democratic rights (and theirs) and transfer sovereignty to an undemocratic and unaccountable body rather than put up with a bunch of incompetent morons for 5 years.

With 1 in 4 in Europe currently voting for populists and the far-right currently sharing power in Italy and Austria, I think you should be careful what you wish for.
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