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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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You're missing the point.

Membership of the EU is all about meeting the set minimum requirements as set out by the EU. What a country's government chooses to do above and beyond that, is their own concern. FMF made the point that 'why should we supplement poorer countries within the EU when it comes to pensions, but when you look at the report, quite the opposite appears to be the case. It would likely take a serious adjustment in UK spending, for them to reach the minimum level required by the EU. We don't know where that bar would be set, but it's plainly obvious that's the UK could fall short of it.

Imagine if you were on the board of a company that sells private pensions? You're going to fight such a change in government spending tooth and nail as it would massively eat into your profits.
That's because the UK has a different system! You have to look in the end at what your pension is worth. Does it account for winter fuel payments? Does it account for free prescriptions? Bus pass? TV licence? What other subsidies does it include? What tax do you pay on it? You can't just go and compare the pension system in one country to another!
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