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Re: Thinking of switching from Swisscom

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Have somebody noticed that Swisscom is very slow lately?

This is a bit technical and I cannot rule out that third-party services are to blame but I have noticed that downloading from most places is much slower than before. This is happening for many independent services (linux updates, rust updates, python, etc.) so I suspect it is actually Swisscom.

I have still measured with the router and speednet and I get the following:

Router - Swisscom: ~900Mbps
PC - Router: ~600Mbps (which is fine.. it is wifi)
Speednet: ~230Mbps (frustrating but still high)
Many downloads are well below 20Mbps.. this did not use to be the case a month ago..

Have people noticed this?
Today I had problems with uploading to Swisscom Cloud. It kept on hanging.
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