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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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Is it fair to fail a student who hasn't prepared? That's the main reason for exams to exist.
Do you ever read people's posts? This is NOT an exam.

However, even Oxbridge take into account the fact that results in themselves are not necessarily an indication of the intelligence or potential of students. They will actually positively discriminate- knowing that some students have had a poor education and not access to expensive private tuition, etc.

The HOD in my first school in the UK was also the Chief examiner of one of the O'Level boards. He was caught teaching his students everything that was in the exam, vocab, points of grammar, expressions, etc- so his results would look good (he was a **** teacher and could not speak either French or German that he taught. It was impossible to make them resit- but all their grades were lowered. He lost both his jobs, Board and school- and had to go and teach in some obscure private school.

Totally irrelevant here, however.

There is a good reason why, in Switzerland, before each Referendum/vote- a booklet putting forward all the pros and cons and different views- which are strictly assessed for being fair and not lying to the electorate.

You can't expect people, ans perhaps some more than others- to be aware of consequences which not even the Government has foreseen, and has not prepared for. I mean the Irish border, Gibraltar, etc, are quite obvious now to most - but were certainly considerations for the vast majority of people.

Lies, deceit and fraud cannot ever represent Democracy
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