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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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I have no concern about EU foreign troops being stationed in the UK because:
1) There is zero strategic value in doing this
2) The UK would never allow it anyway

The "US pulling the strings" that you refer to, is called NATO. And as an EU federalist, you should be jolly happy that it exists as the EU wouldn't were it not for this alliance.

What actually concerns me about EU army is what it will be used for. A central EU controlled army that can be sent into pesky states like Poland or Hungary which aren't playing ball is quite a frightening prospect. Or having dead kids sent back back from the eastern front draped in an EU flag having been shot in the face by Ivan thanks to some ridiculous EU expansionist ambitions is something that I can't really stomach.
Yes as I said before - it's a nice unequal, special NATO relationship where the American's call all
the shots, as regards their presence and influence in the UK.
Even before joining the EU, the UK was already being dubbed the 51st state of America and
the United States biggest Aircraft Carrier and nothing much has changed since.

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