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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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Speaks for itself really - its the fear factor raising it's silly head again by those who
would prefer isolation and revert to being called Little Britain !!
Therefore - never fear Little Britain.

As my verdict is bring it on and that's why the above remains in the best interests of the UK
and Britain's millennial generation, as its them that will reap the misguided Brexit result.

Lets take the Single Currency - the Euro as an example:

Those that have been following Michael Portillo's Great Continental Railway Journeys will
know that Michael carries a suitcase full of old European currencies, that were all replaced
by the Euro, when the single European currency was introduced.

Throughout his travels he's never failed to ask the question from ordinary men and
women, in many Eurozone countries; namely wouldn't you rather have your old
currency back rather than continue with the Euro, and the answer is always the same NO !!
In fact in one memorable scene where he visited a car factory in Germany and asked the
same question to car workers ( having their lunch break ) that surely you would prefer
to see the return of the deutsche mark rather than continue using the Euro and even
there, every single car worker he asked, replied NO they would rather stay with the Euro.
"I saw this programme once with Michael Portillo that says the Euro is great, so it must be!"

Back in the real world, it's been a disaster. People are finally starting to wake up and realise it too. Whilst it's been pretty good for Germany, it's been catastrophic for Greece. In Italy, real incomes have fallen since joining the Euro, whilst inequality has risen, together with their pile of debt. Italy are prevented from applying the fiscal measures that they wish to because the EU won't sign off their budget.

Then you move onto the real problem with the Euro, which is how to set monetary policy with a one size fits all philosophy when you have so many different economies to consider? You can't, which is why it'll either eventually fail, or several countries will fail in order to keep the Euro going.

Just because people like it, which remarkably still holds true, it doesn't mean it's a good thing. If anything will end the EU, the Euro will likely be it. The flip side is that in order to make the Euro work, more Europe is needed (banking union, adjustment mechanism between countries, common tax). Which is why Margarete Thatcher was right when she said the Euro was just a back door way of creating a federal Europe.

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Yes as I said before - it's a nice unequal, special NATO relationship where the American's call all
the shots, as regards their presence and influence in the UK.
Even before joining the EU, the UK was already being dubbed the 51st state of America and
the United States biggest Aircraft Carrier and nothing much has changed since.
Well if they're paying all the money for NATO, why shouldn't they call all the shots?
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