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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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In which country can you vote a government in or out? As far as I know in every EU state you vote for members of a parliament who then appoint and can remove the government. Exactly the same as the elected EU parliament can approve and remove the Commission, but in the case of the EU the work of the Commission is also overseen and directed by the Council Of Ministers, which is drawn from the governments appointed by the elected parliaments of the 27 member states.
In the UK you know who the runners and riders before you vote. You know who is currently in the cabinet, you know how is in the shadow cabinet, and you have manifestos so know what policy will be implemented by whoever wins. In this regard you very much know what government you're voting for.

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Your problem seems to be your sense of entitlement - you seem to think that your vote and that of UK citizens should count more than that of other EU citizens.
Yes, I do, not due to entitlement, but due to democracy and what you bring to the table. The UK, Germany and France pay more, and have more citizens that are represented. Ireland and Malta on the other hand pay peanuts, have small populations yet have the same number of members on the Council and Commission.
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