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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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Of course you pay for it. We all do, it comes from us all. It makes sense to me to contribute to some well defined deals between CH that hosts me, we all benefit from it. But CH deciding on their own on the extent and conditions of the co-operation has nothing to do with the positions that are demanded from the legit full EU members. It is a dictate and not even close to the position of CH. CH is enjoying whatever they handpick out of the EU offer.
Handpick- are you sure. They tried in Feb 2014- and get rid of FOP - but soon realised the price to pay would be far too high.

I wonder what proportion of people on this Forum are what Mrs May called EU immigrants into UK 'Queue Jumpers' - how many got jobs here not only because of their talent or experience, but because they could come here and look for a job- or were partly picked, all other things being equal- because it was much easier to employ them, than someone non EU? (no criticism here if they did btw- they just did what was legal and open to them, quite rightly). And how many people feel it is insulting to be callled such. (does not apply to me as I went to live in the UK some years before the EU, btw. My future employer had to apply for me, get the relevant permits and pay, before I was allowed to come).

This guy from Scientists for Europe is not happy about it, for sure:
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