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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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Common currency is meant to facilitate trade, freedom of goods and capital. Italy has developed a lot due to common agricultural policy and structural funds, same as Spain, Portugal, even Greece. Did you know the infrastructure these states had before EU? I tell you, far from current moment. Many Italians are aware of how far they've come, some others are attracted by the new political movements. Not totally unreasonable, but there are still people who remember. To be honest I am so lucky to have met humble Europeans, thought they're a dying species. I don't know if EU still serves their needs as before, but to blame EU for everything that doesn't go well now....
And yet they Italy has 10% unemployment and 30% youth unemployment. Investment in infrastructure means nothing if you don't have a job. Whilst there may be some nice roads, and bridges that collapse, the point is it does nothing for the people; the Italian people are far worse off now than before adopting the Euro.
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