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Re: ceiling lights installation

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You should be able to pick out your light first, and then figure out the mounting.

On the mechanical front, the basic process is to drill a hole, insert an anchor and then screw in a fastener according to what the light requires. You can buy anchors and hook fasteners at Migros Bau & Hobby, and similar places. In your case, there is a high chance that a hole drilled for a hook is already in place, but hiding in the darkness of the box.

On an electrical front, the modern standard is blue for neutral, yellow/green stripes for safety earth and something else (typically brown, red or orange) for a phase (switched or otherwise). So it is pretty straightforward, but if you don't know what those terms mean, or if you wouldn't know how to double check that with a phase tester, I'd consider involving pro, just to be sure you don't install a fixture in a way that electrocutes people. Sometimes standards change or boxes are miswired, (even in Switzerland) and so it is hard to be sure over the internet.
Sometimes the light that you buy will contain all the support brackets. Ask at a good lighting shop
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