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Re: So-called "social security": desperation, suicide, capitulation or emigration

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I know of one mum who was forced to flee her violent boyfriend, who ended up in prison for his violence, she was left with nothing. The state has stepped in to support her and even take the pressure off so she can work and study (she has young children).

Her situation is the product of her ex partner's mental health issues. No fault of hers or her kids. She's on the way to standing back on her own two feet again. She would have just spiralled out of control had nobody been there.

Sometimes the state system just works.
One could argue personal responsibility applies here as well, especially who you choose to welcome in your home next to your kids. That said, there is this 1 time in a million where someone is a psycho and from one day to the next becomes a different person, but usually they picked a 'bad boy' macho man until it turned ugly for them. I know such a few cases personally and could see from day 1 they would turn out ugly.

In any case, Switzerland has one of the best social systems in Europe but it's built to he hard to access so that it won't get abused. Having lived in the UK for the better part of a decade, I was disgusted by the level of benefits abuse and parasites living off the system and getting free houses and salaries just for breeding, already 3 generations of will-never-work families.

If you are Swiss then your network will help you shield off the worse. If you are not Swiss, why the hell are you in this country for 40k a year? Germany (or Austria, Holland?) have much better and friendlier systems for lower incomes than CH. Not to mention they are fully EU.

Having come from a country that has seen some s**t, if you end your life because life in CH is hard then I am sorry but this is a first world problem of the finest. You don't even know what hardship is if you think being on low income in CH is worth ending you life for...
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