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Re: So-called "social security": desperation, suicide, capitulation or emigration

I hear you loud and clear Doropfiz.

I have paid into the state funds since ya'll know I am 99% deaf now. After our personal catastrophe in 2009, I sook, several times, the help of the IV to help me find a job or retrain, as I couldn't go back to my trained job in nursing, due to the massive hearing loss.

I have NEVER applied for money, as in a pension or any such thing, just for kind of 'practical help' and items, such as hearing aids and a flashlight signalling equipment!!

In my quest of finding work with help from the IV, the only thing in the end that was granted to me was a so-called IV integration advisor....who within one year of working with him managed to send me the sum total of 4 job ads, 3 of which were not for me, as we already agreed in several talks BEFOREHAND!! (I would have had to be able to make and take phone calls/resp. interact on an immediate basis with strangers..........which I obvs can't anymore!!) and all of them jobs ads were available on the common job market and none of them, as initially promised by the IV, with special institutions and the like.

Then the IV-advisor thought it a good idea to tell me, that I am speaking slurred (those who know me IRL know that this is NOT the case, speaking like a machine gun perhaps, but certainly not slurred) he suggested to go and learn signing language. Although I get by for decades perfectly with lipreading!!

All expenses I'd have had to stump up for (try that when living below the breadline!!) , when I asked him about that, since he knew every detail of my finances....He said, I could try and claim it back from the IV after completion of the courses, tho' he said it wasn't certain that I'd get the money!

In the same vein the advice of the guy at the IV of visiting a language school/course to get a diploma to try and apply as a translator. Again, I would've had to stump up the cash and I would've needed 1:1 tuition as obvs listening to tapes/Cd's etc isn't for me.

And on and on this saga went, in the end after one year I stopped it all., the well-known attrition policy of the IV worked and I have no more fight left in me.

I am just as disillusioned as you are now with our so called social insurances.

One place although helped me a lot in Berne, I can really recommend them.
They found a loophole in the letter of the IV to me, helped me to fight to be heard, resulted in the end in that (useless) IV-integration advisor.

2 years ago, I needed new hearing aids, which due to the severity of my hearing loss are more expensive than the basic aids for which the IV pays a basic amount.

Again I applied for a grant kind of thing (Härtefallgesuch), it was the reasons, that with the new hearing aids I won't hear at least 10% more as a housewife (how on earth do you measure that!!!), which is one of their many criteria to meet when you are 'just' a housewife.......The reasoning, that the new aids are so much better that I have a better chance to find work, was null and void for them. You only get help if you are working already, start to work/study/school or need adaptions to your workplace.

That Beratungsstelle in Bern helped me to apply to a private fund for cases like mine and I was really very happy, that I got granted the difference in cost from them that in the end I could buy those new hearing aids.

There are such Beratungstellen in other Cantons as well, how good they are I can't say, but the one in Berne is really TOP!!!
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