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Re: What's Up with the "Swiss House Police"?

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My husband is a Swiss citizen whom was born in Ticino. I recently put in for a renewal of my B Permit (now at the 5th year). So in my humble opinion "All is Good", just waiting on the completion of the paperwork. Well, don't speak too soon, because at 8:15AM we heard a knocking at the door. When we answered it was "Surprise Inspection" by the equivalent of the Police of our home. It was explained that this was connected to my renewal request for the B Permit. Well anyway, to make a long story shorter, we were insulted on several occasions. They criticised our lighting choices because we do not like overhead lighting (to bright for our purposes). They actually asked us to open our refrigerator and wanted to see inside of our clothing closets. Some of the questions they asked were extremely invasive. Can anyone here give me an idea of what's up with these arses?
Welcome to KGB Switzerland. You should have told them to f**k off!
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