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Re: Tax return question

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Switzerland is a very federalist country. There is a federal, cantonal, and a communal tax. The communal tax can vary quite a bit inside one canton. Zurich has a tax rate which is above the cantonal average.

On the other hand the tax at source is the same for any commune in the canton. It should be an average of all communes. Tax at source also includes flat rate deductions. A big deduction are the travel expenses to work. If you work in the same commune your actual travel expenses (12 time a 2 zone monthly pass) is much lower than the assumed expenses.
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You seem to talking about the concept of a TFA (tax-free-allowance) which exists in many EU countries. Each you the individual gets an amount after which they start to pay income tax i.e. gross minus TFA. Switzerland does not really have that concept.

Basically if you must have with holding tax deducted (e.g. B permit):
Each month the amount is based on the monthly gross salary and the rate is a cantonal mean defined by the canton for you circumstances (single, kids, religion).


Annually, if you earn >120K you MUST make a tax return and can apply allowances and the calculations are based on the time in CH. Whether you get a rebate or not depends on your personal circumstances and and your WORLDWIDE assets. You should download your cantons tax software and play with it!

If you earn <120K you may have the option to claim 'some' allowances back e.g. Pillar3, but that and the process is canton specific.
Thanks for all your answers.

Last question: assuming JON is earning slightly less then 120k, so is not obliged to do tax returns. As far as I understood, he has the option to claim back/adjust some taxes (due to all allowance/3rd pillar and so on). Is possible to have the next-year tax withholding tax "better calculated", e.g. already including the 3rd pillar, or JON has to wait the end of the year and claim again?

Do you have some website/direct link (English is much appreciated) where JON can eventually fill the claim?

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