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Re: Tax return question

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Again, that depends on several points. You HAVE to declare taxes if you earn more than 120k p.a.

And no, if it is below 120 k there will not be an automated adjustment.

What confirmation are you looking for? You will get a final tax bill, either you get money back or you pay. All depends on what your world wide income and assets are.
We're supposing <120k.

Probably I'm stupid, sorry, but still not totally following you. There will not be an automated adjustment BUT I will receive final tax bill with adjustment? Is the opposite. Will JON receive this bill automatically with adj or not? And regarding transports, for example, if they assumed more costs than reality, it will lower the deduction to how much if JON doesn't claim?

For what I understood: they do withholding tax with some "expected expenses". If you don't claim nothing, end of the year will be flat.
If you claim something, they need to recalculate everything and send the final bill.


if the expected expenses are higher then real, them will be lowered due to your claims. Furthermore, you add some new claims (3rd pillar), with the risk you do all the movements without saving nothing. I mean, e.g. make no sense to claim 6.5k of 3rd pillar if they lower my deduction for transport from an "expected" 3k to a "real" 1.5k... Better accept the "expected" and don't claim 3rd pillar?
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