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Re: Forced to take a 25% paycut at the end of my probation period

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I believe in being honest and open in interviews. But I have found out over the years that your honesty can be detrimental to you.

I think that leaving right after the probation period will raise questions for the prospective employers. Thye might question your loyalty and perseverance if you don't have a good excuse. But if you tell them about the pay cut, they might think you were not good enough for the job and undeserving of the 100K rather than the fact that the employer was trying to exploit you. Don't you think so?

After years of interview experience I would personally try to disclose as little as possible about the company and myself. Try to find a reason that would sound good for you without representing the company in a bad light.

Also, before going to a lawyer, can you not go higher up in the hierarchy and talk to them? Talk to your manager's manager for example. Maybe they have decency enough to question your manager's behaviour? I wouldn't go to the HR as they tend to be useless in protecting the employees and the HR person was there anyway.

But if you decide to escalate this, be ready to face the same attitude up in the hierarchy to save yourself more heartache.
Never go over your manager as this will mean you can kiss goodbye to your job. These decisions are always agreed in advance with senior managers. I wouldn’t keep an employee who goes over my head. Remember, that your manager can can sack you anytime and this is legally protected in Switzerland without having to give you any severance package. Welcome to Switzerland, you’ve just been Switzerlanded.
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