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Re: Gossip about British Television Shows, Soaps and Series

I saw this in my newsfeed...

Out now in time for Christmas the Eastenders Christmas Album.... Only £7.99! The perfect gift

1. Rocking Around on Phils Bed - Sharon & Keanu

2. Mistletoe & Scotch - Phil Mitchell

3. Fairytale of Walford - Max & Rainie

4. All I want for Christmas is a new pair of earrings - Pat Butcher

5. When Alfieís child is born - Hayley

6. Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let Mick Go - Linda Carter

7. I saw Honey kissing Santaís Dentist - Billy Mitchell

8. Away in a Manger because thereís no room in the house - Slater Family

9. Driving Home for Christmas & a portion of Sharon - Grant Mitchell

10. Iím dreaming of a wine Christmas but itís purely Medicinal - Dot Cotton

Rated 4/10 by music legend Nick Berry.