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Re: Irresponsible pet owner

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So, yesterday I went for a walk and had unpleasant meeting with an angry dog. He was running towards me, then came closer and barked around my legs and looked agressive. I saw the owner, she was quite far from him, but haven't even called him back. Dog persisted with his behaviour so I got angry and started to wave with the backpack at him (yeah, you would probably say that it's not the most clever decision, but I was so angry that the woman doesn't care about her dog and the dog was running around agressively). I'm an animal person, I like dogs too, but if I'm being harassed by the angry dog for my own safety I can easily injure him and not feel guilty at all. Back to the story: so, the woman finally came to me and haven't even said I'm sorry. I asked what the hell she is thinking not doing anything or walking the dog on the leash she said that its normal to walk dogs without it and that she knows her dog really well and he will never do anything to anybody. As far as I know, dogs need to be well trained to come to the owner when called which was not the case this time. So, the question is can I report her to somebody? Is it worth it? I live in a small town in Zurich kanton, I'm walking around a lot, if I will meet her again with an unleashed dog, what would I do? And what happens if he tries to bite and I kick him or sth? Then I will be the evil one?

The Law is dogs must be kept on a leash in the following locations:

in public buildings,
on busy roads,
in public transport, at train stations and at stops,
in places that have been signaled by the competent authorities.

And if you bite the dog you can be charged!
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