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Re: Import taxes/fees from 2019

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As I see it there is no competition between shippers. The retailer makes a deal with one company and everything moves with them. What happens if I have an account with FedEx but Amazon deals exclusively with DHL? Why it moves on DHL. What if I prefer the flexibility of the post office? It moves with DHL. What if I hate DHL and have sworn never to use them again, it still moves on DHL.

The only competition here is when the shipping companies are negotiating with the retailers. Once they have got the contract they have no incentive to provide a customer friendly service. They donít give a sh1t what the customer thinks of them.

All retailers should be required to offer a minimum of 3 shipping companiesand let we consumers decide how we want our deliveries. .
You are not their customer when buying something in an internet shop, their customer is the sender
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