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Re: Dental veneer cosmetic surgery... anyone had them (in CH or otherwise)?

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This final crack happened about 10 days before I went to India for holiday. I talked to my dentist here, and found out that the starting cost would be 1200 CHFs to replace that ONE veneer and they would not be able to get it fixed before my trip (you need to get your tooth prepped, a mold made and the veneer takes at least a week to get built before it can get attached). I found a "reputable" looking dentist in New Delhi and booked an appointment for the 1st day after arrival. First impressions of the office and staff were good (nothing like this: so I went for it. They prepped my tooth, made a mold and gave me a temporary crown to wear while traveling around. I went back to the office 2.5 weeks later, got my new veneer installed, paid my ~200 CHFs and was on my way. For any future work I need, I will definitely head back.
Quite a lot of travelling for a thing you can do in Austria for a third or less from what would cost you in Switzerland. I'm not even saying Hungary or Czech R. etc. because you don't always hear of satisfied customers.
I don't have and don't plan but a friend of mine has done it in Austria and it was very OK - quality and costs.

My only "problem" with this veneer treatment that I've seen many people have - is that it looks a bit....too perfect. When it's really needed due to various causes it's OK, otherwise...meh. But of course, de gustibus and all that.
And Richdog, whitening should work if it's done correctly. My DH was talking about how difficult it was to whiten her brother's teeth but she did it in two sessions and there are no problems now. Also, after the initial treatment you always have to do it periodically. This bit I know from OH...I'm a bit ashamed to say I have white teeth all au naturel.

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If you have any alignment, space issues, etc.,.. I would recommend you get that fixed first. If you don't, then I think that the veneers are good option.
This, absolutely. Find a good orhtodontist first.

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