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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

BoJo has not responded to a request by a team of legal prosecutors to comment on his 'Massive lies on a red bus' so- interesting times ahead.

'On November 16th 2018 Boris Johnson MP was given 28 days to reply to a team of prosecutors who have built a private criminal case against him. As of end of day 14th of December this limit has now expired. The case will now be taken to Westminster Magistratesí Court prior to January 28th 2019.

The crowdfunded private prosecution team accuse Mr Johnson of repeatedly lying to the public concerning how much money the UK Ďspendsí on EU membership each month and year. They are prosecuting him for the alleged offence of misconduct in public office by way of abuse of public trust. This is an alleged criminal offence contrary to the common law with a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.'
Heís not responded because itís a joke thatíll get laughed out of court. Anyone who contributed money to this needs their head examining.
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