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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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How is Juncker worse than others who occupied the same position, some of them for much longer than he did? I'm trying hard to find good enough reasons to dislike him more than others - presidents of the EC or in some other significant position.

No, his appointment wasn't a factor for Brexit. That "marginal" (yeah right) party called UKIP has cooked Brexit for way longer than Juncker's mandate. You and other Brexiteers made it plenty clear that no deal could have stopped UK because you want independence first and foremost. And EU is about common decisions even if not all and each of them fit every country at all times.

People are hypocrites. I've read posts saying "I'm OK if a country decides to kick out all the British citizens residing there, I'll just pack and leave and say thank you for the hospitality" but as soon as some insignificant third national tourist tax is only announced as a possibility everyone is outraged and goes like "Oh NOW I'm really NOT sorry for voting Leave blah blah". I think everyone is responsible for their vote and they should have voted knowing exactly why they voted Leave and that by doing so it will mean that you are going to be treated differently than before i.e. as non-EU citizens. Instead, what people thought they're voting for was their country reserving the right to behave like they please, every time they feel like, with no consequences and no fear of retaliations at all. Like being in EU when they like and not being in EU when they don't like. It's like that and some more when it comes they way some people perceive their god given rights to be above all and everybody else. I'm sorry for failing to be more sympathetic but I've read enough here to make up my mind.
In reality it was just an ill-thought out and knee-jerk vanity project in a desperate plan to stay in power. Nothing more, nothing less.

It royally back-fired, most of parliament is "Remain" and they realise there's actually no viable solution that they can get more than a handful to agree on. There just isn't enough popcorn.
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