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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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Being led by a drunk is not necessarily a bad thing; look at Winston Churchill?
Yes, he was a very heavy drinker, but when was the last time Churchill had to be held up by others since he on official meetings was so drunk he could not even stand on his own feet anymore? Juncker clearly is an alcoholic without self-control, and in disregard of Churchill who never made a secret of loving a good drink Juncker tries to hide it and comes up with lies. And since the people in his surroundings are afraid of their job they'll all just nod instead of getting the freak gone from a position which he clearly can't handle.

I am not sure who you mean by "self-righteous pigs"; if you mean the Dutch MEPs who were voted in by the NL voters then who is to blame?
The Dutch get to vote on 26 out of 751 seats, giving them less than 3,5% of the seats to cast a vote on, effectively meaningless. And I was referring to the "crowd" around Juncker of which many people have not been put into position by elections. The EP is the only EU institute that knows elections, but it is only a part of the whole that makes and proposes laws, it is only a part of the whole which decides on treaties and expansions. It has to share it's lawgiving powers with non-electable counsels. It laks the right for initiatives when it comes to laws, it only can make non binding requests to the European comity to please come up with a law.

Also we as a population never were asked to join the EU, we supported joining the EEG since it was about business and trade opportunities, but nobody ever asked us anything about the EU which by now has become a business on its own with the power to self-expand to where ever it wants to.
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