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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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One question - was Holland under foreign occupation when they joined EU? Did someone brought the EU with their tanks?

I get it - you were born Eurosceptic. You never wanted EU. It's OK. Maybe you should have done something back then - start a party, a petition for a referendum, whatever.
First of all: Holland is a region in the Netherlands.

Second: We did not have referendums by then, and we only had them for a short period of time and the law to get rid of them has already been accepted. We had a short period of non binding referendums that the government rapidly disbanded since they did not like the outcomes which showed that they twice went completely against the outcome which had very clear majorities.

Third: I voted party's that were against the EU

Fourth: We never joined the EU, we joined Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg and West Germany in founding the European Coal and Steel Community which eventually grew out to become the EU, I was not around in those days but if so I would have been pro since this only aimed to regulate the industrial production, just like later the EEC had so many good things to offer that I always have been pro. But those were controlled by the countries instead of acting like an independent higher government.

Next please.....
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