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Re: Electrical cars, eco friendly driving, options in CH?

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I'm in a similar situation to HKCH. I just sold my MS 60D in Hong Kong and will be moving back to Switzerland next month. My wife and I have decided that we'll only buy an electric car and at the moment a MS or MX are the only ones we're considering. Battery size is the big question for me, not for everyday usage since we'll install a charger in the garage, but for trips to the mountains. I'm worried that the battery will suffer massive drain if we do a ski holiday somewhere and have to park outside without access to charging. Cold weather was never an issue in HK (why people bought the cold weather package is beyond me); does it make a significant impact in Switzerland?
I don't go skiing much, but from Zurich, most resorts are pretty well served regarding superchargers. I went to Obersaxen once, and Vals a few times with the 70D with no problems - check to see where the superchargers are. Normally, even though I didn't need it, and just to be on the safe side, I would stop in Bad Ragaz where there is a charger just off the motorway, then you can get to anywhere in GraubŁnden with enough charge to get back to Bad Ragaz again without any issue. Many hotels now have their own destination chargers too, so you can relax on the range anxiety.
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