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Re: Electrical cars, eco friendly driving, options in CH?

Hopefully more reliance on personal electricity generation with solar roofs, solar panels, all stored up in repurposed Tesla batteries in your garage The sun is after all the greatest power source the planet has and no other power sources would be around without it.

So not only are we going to be dictated to where we stop, we can pnly go out on sunny days.......

As AbFab point ed put, until batteries have at least 1 days' capacity, circa 1'000km and battery technology has advanced, the very serious Achilles heel of battery cars over fossil fuel cars is the range. 400km is really not very much, not even a Geneva to Zurich and return which is not a very uncommon route, without a forced stop of 20-30 minutes to top up charge and also providing i drive carefully.

Battery cars are good, excellent even, but for cites at present without a doubt and here they really do have a purpose, but a Tesla cannot be called a city car, it is a large sedan type car.
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