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Re: Advisable to buy property in Zurich?

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Hi forum experts -

I am moving from San Francisco Bay Area to Zurich on 6th Jan and have a permanent work contract. I have a 2 bed 2 bath condo in bay area that will be going up for sale in Jan 2019. I bought the condo back in 2015 when I had no intentions of moving out of US - so a mortgage made sense longer term. Given I am selling in just 3 years I won't be making a profit - more just getting back my downpayment and the principal I have paid down.

Selling in US is a done decision and I am not looking for feedback on that. I am hoping for some insight into the Zurich housing industry.

Does it make sense to re-invest the money I'll get from the condo sale in US in Zurich? Should I consider living in this property or renting it out?

I am NOT a US citizen, nor a EU citizen. I am expecting to receive a B permit when I register in Zurich. I am single and will be living by myself.

Thanks in advance!
Well hope you have as a starter of maybe 300000-500000 deposit because thats what you will need to get something in Zurich. But nobody buys here they simply get a morgage and pay the bank back over a couple of lifetimes.
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