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Einvernahme for excessive speeding +40 on autobahn

Hello everyone,

Wanted to ask for an advice about Einvernahme invitation from the police, did someone has such experience? Long story short I got caught with a red! kind of flash laser on autobahn with 150 on my speedometer in a zone of 100, it is my first offense and a few weeks later I got a letter invitation for Einvernahme to a local police station where I live in canton Schwyz (blitzer was actually in canton St. Gallen). There was no form as usual to write driver details nor any numbers for measured speed, just a letter directly addressed to me . I don't know what should I say to them, to say that because of one idiot I lost my control for that moment and floored the gas pedal might make everything worse. Did someone went through such procedure? Other people reported that court decisions were made already and fines and punishments decided and given in a letter, but I have to go in person and in my bad German explain something...

PS. people with negativity and comments that I should be locked up, please, keep it to yourself, I already feel bad enough.
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