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Re: Einvernahme for excessive speeding +40 on autobahn

You won't need to say anything. Don't deny it, don't admit to any given speed, don't say anything about why you were speeding. The camera evidence is all they need, nothing you say will make it any better but could potentially make it worse. Just shrug your shoulders and accept what will happen. And don't expect to be driving home

The other thread will have examples, but you'll be looking at a ban of at least three months and fines of well over a thousand francs, perhaps as much as two, but only once it's gone through the system, which could take several months in total.
Ok, thank you, I will try to stay silent. I am also wondering what kind of camera was that, with a red little glimpse to the front, but not to the back, is it really capable of taking a picture at night and how accurate it can be, why they didn't send me the measured speed? Interesting thing, that after a few days the actual normal blitzer with a flasher appeared 20m from that place where I saw that red glimpse.
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