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Re: Einvernahme for excessive speeding +40 on autobahn

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It is a standard case. There is a speed measurement, there is a picture.
There is no real victim except the public itself (or did you tail gate as well ). Remorse will not give you a discount. As they say, anything you say can and will be used against you.

The only thing you must do is that you must cooperate about your identity. So bring passport, permit, and driving license. State name, nationality, birth date, birth place or place of origin (if Swiss), and where you live. Stating that you were the driver is optional, but if it is clear case than there is no much harm admitting it. Do not expect a big or any discount for admitting it.

If you get fined by the court, and you were at least 35 km/h faster than allowed, a 3 month driving ban issued by your cantons traffic authority is inevitable.

If you admit you were the driver they (actually the court/prosecutor) will need your financial details. Best is to simply say that the prosecutor can get them from the tax authorities.

The hardest part is to actually remain silent and not answer the police's many questions. Remember, it is your good right to remain silent Art. 113 Criminal Procedure Code and they must inform you about that before they start questioning you Art. 158 Criminal Procedure Code
Exactly that's what I thought, they have a picture, measurement, why do they send me this Einvernahme instead of a letter "Your speed is too high, it goes to court", what do they want me to explain That's why I wanted to ask how to behave in such situation, and that another blitzer with a flasher appeared after 2 days at almost the same place, I find it really weird. What if they were doing some laser measurements/calibration and only afterwards they put a blitzer with a flash...
Will they really take away my license on spot while the case is going through the system?
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