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Re: Einvernahme for excessive speeding +40 on autobahn

I wouldn't try to offer any excuses or reasons, it may only dig you into a deeper hole (it would be hard to make any kind of reason not look like you lost control or concentration). Just be super-apologetic, they'll see that it's your first offence, and take whatever fine or ban they give you.

Total silence might be considered also as a form of non-cooperation, and it won't buy you any sympathy from the officers - not that that always helps.

Sure, giving reasons might be pointless, too. But one thing you can do, is to express acknowledgement of the information that they already gave to you and establish that you are now aware of it -such as on speed limit and location of sensor for policy enforcement - you want to become and/or remain complying.
i.e. Focus on facts of the road, not facts of the moment, to build some ground.

The fact they ask you to be present might imply they wish to establish a legal base about the next act, which is to pursue a person to court - this won't be an easy outcome, so be ready for eventualities.

But at least, realise that they are doing their job: collect information about why drivers are breaking the speed limit at that location and deciding on next steps.

If there are more drivers speeding in that location, this might hint in something needing to change on their end. And yes, you are quite not alone in this: I have recently been fined in the Zurich area for speeding at 52Km/hr (a bit over 50: 55km/hr real minus 3km/hr margin), after 10 years of no fines, and I would surely had avoided it, if I the indications were more clear: I do try to stay legit and safe. But roads and signs aren't always perfect, even in Switzerland.
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