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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

The shocking behaviour of alt-right EDL/BF yesterday was truly shocking- attacking Anna Soubry and others on the way to Parliament- calling them traitors and nazis- and with the Police just standing there.

And this is being used by ERG and the Cons as the reason why there can be no other solution but either accept May's terrible deal or go hell bent for No Deal - shameful and disgusting. Brexit has truly unleashed the monsters at the bottom of the sewers - who are now holding the country to ransom with threats of extreme violence. They killed Jo Cox - and I fear for Anna and others. Tragic. Large groups of thugs, wearing Yellow Vests copied from French socialists and communists- oh the irony - to scream anti EU abuse. Fascists and N*Zis shouting 'NAZI' at all opposing Brexit ... it is just sheer madness

Did you watch the Brexit film last night- on the tactics used to push those who had never voted before, and how? Truly scary. I honestly feel that any expat here or in the EU who voted for Brexit should have to go back and face the consequences of what they have unleashed.
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