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Re: Education reinforcement at home

Just to pick up on the universities thing; students attend lectures with, depending on what you are studying, reasonably minimal information but you are expected to research much of the subject yourself having been given the topics, tools and methods to do that.

It's nothing to do with professors "holding onto the information". Most universities won't take you if you can't demonstrate the ability to study for yourself, or they will and, if you can't, you end up crashing out.

I think you are trying to see things in black and white. Students need the knowledge, teaching methods and experience of professors while also possessing the ability to use that as a springboard to research the subject, return to tutorials and critically discuss, edit and conclude by themselves.

Used to be done in libraries and labs, now the internet is an additional tool.
The internet does not replace only the library and books, it replaces also the professors...

a bit off topic, but I think that JagWaugh`s statement: "But it's knowledge that is at the core of the ability to do" is reflected quite well in the Swiss education system in the form of the apprenticeships.
I find that the Swiss maintain this system in a very good manner.
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