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Re: Threatened by family member

Actually, the police will not take a report on someone threatening you when it comes to domestic abuse, they will only act on currently happening events. If your partner is hitting you, they will stop him/her from hitting you while it is happening. If you want to prevent it from happening, you must go to court and get a restraining order.
The police will indeed take pictures after the event has happened, but as stated already they will not prevent anything from happening or monitor any threatened activities that have not been defined by court order.
You will not get the court order lightly or quickly. Punching, drawing a weapon without using it, throwing things and threats could be considered light violence. You will need multiple 100% provable events to get any reaction. If you are up against a good liar or a lawyer better than yours, you run a very real risk of being held accountable for attempting to damage the other person and having to pay their legal fees.
In other countries it is different, and you can expect support before you have been injured, stalked etc. I understand that many people want to believe it is different here, but it simply isn't unless you have connections and/or money.You would be better off going to a good lawyer for prevention, and the police during the violence.
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