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Re: From Finland to Switzerland (maybe?)

I am the OP, had to change my nickname to better suit for the legacy of my visit at Switzerland. I am writing this to have a closure of the worst times of my life and hopefully someone else would learn something about these experiences.

Tips for selecting a job;

- Study about the background of the project you apply into
- If there are germans related to that project, escape early
- Never express things you don't want to do, because those are then the things you are forced to do
- Torture is part of the job, learn early to torture others -> leads to promotion

Basic rules for living;

- Don't move to Switzerland alone, your better half will help you to remind when the limit is reached
- You are monitored all the time, not only at streets or bars
- Masturbation is illegal
- Love is a weakness used against you
- Nothing will work for you during the first years, but that is just a test of your personality and reactions
- Never make a contract which locks you up for more than one month, otherwise you will pay huge toll when you get expelled
- Swiss love psychological games to make you mentally ill and make you pay for pharmacy industry. If you don't accept this, you will pay even more
- Anything which you pay for has zero value

What I had before coming to Switzerland;

- Long term girlfriend
- Home with entrance to sauna and swimming pool
- Nice powerful car
- Quite nice career

What I lost after the 5 years in Switzerland;

- Lost ability to have a home
- Lost 5 years of salaries in Switzerland
- Lost 20k of my family money saved for me
- Lost girlfriend
- Lost career
- Lost willing to live

What I got from Switzerland;

- Realization how bad abuse can be, when you are monitored 24/7
- First hand knowledge of national socialism
- Opportunity to every day chose between suicide or struggle

So overall Switzerland fulfilled all the expectations of the marketing material.

It is kind of a miracle that I am still alive after the banishment process, it was somewhat funny(actually the first time someone had a sense of humor), but expensive. I am kind of impressed that the effort of getting rid of me was so well organized, when it would have been enough to just decline the B-permit on the second round.
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