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Re: Is it possible to buy used cars in installments just like electronics?

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I would like to buy a used car, probably from a reseller and garage, and I was wandering if the right permit and papers are in place, can I actually enter into agreement to pay over a couple of months (ofcouse with interest) just as one would, when buying a laptop from fust or mediamarkt ...

If so, please suggest a where this is a common place

Of course .. This is completely normal practice, any garage will support this assuming you meet the criteria of the lender?

You can either have the garage arrange it for you or you can arrange the finance yourself from a lender, cashgate for example and go to the garage as a cash buyer.

*not sure about the couple of months part, you'd probably need to take a one year finance minimum, but then just repay it early if that's your choice.
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