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Re: Englishforum security breach?

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If you use the password only here these possible options:

EF has been indeed hacked. Others might get a similar mail soon.
Not much of concern for me as I use a different password for every site as well. But all those which re-use the password, have the same for Facebook, twitter, or shopping sites should change their passwords ASAP. Never resuse password!

You accessed EF from an non-trusted computer and a key-logger captured your password. Think when that might have happened and what other sites you accessed at that time. Change all the possible affected passwords plus all important ones where a lot of harm could occur (All e-mail accounts, major social networks, important shopping sites).

One of your own devices became compromised. In the worst case even the master password for your password database such as plus the database itself has been copied. Find the affected device, wipe it clean, maybe even trash it, reset ALL passwords.
Getting a bit carried away here I think?
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