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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

This is what Corbyn thinks, and no, I don't believe that is possible- and that he is totally deluded, and dishonest too.

So there are 2 options open, No Deal, or put your hands honestly up and say- we tried, but it just can't be done, partly because or the Irish border- where there is no solution- and partly because we are now aware of the massive damage that No Deal would create for the country.

Explain that Cameron should have done some serious study before throwing a Referendum into the ring without any consideration for what it would really mean in practice. And explain that since the vote, very strong and irrefutal evidence has come up re blatant lies, fraud, targeted manipulation by media paid for by donors who wanted to 'buy Brexit', foreign interference, and large numbers of votes never counted - and that in view of current knowledge - the very best option is to withdraw article 50 - or put it to the vote again- now that people are able to so with the facts at hand.
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