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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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I was actually referring to information that the government (ie Cameron) should have given to the public prior to the vote. These are the benefits we have from the EU and this is the cost. If you vote to leave this is what might happen with our negotiations with the EU regarding trade and NI and the options that will be available to us and how long these negotiations might take.

It could have been worded so as to be completely neutral but at least the voters would know what they were voting for. It's clear that many really had little clue as to what the country was in for over the next 5 years or so.
After 25 years and more of EU/EEA membership the trade diplomat jobs including their backoffices on UK/EU matters must have been moved under the EU umbrella, and the knowledge and expertise with them. Those that didn't get axed altogether that is. As a result all the knowledge was in EU's hands, who perhaps could have produced such a brochure on relatively short notice, but not the UK, not anymore.

The UK would have had to either task the EU or re-acquire the knowledge themselves. The former would have resulted in the brochure's refusal by Leave due to EU's obvious conflict of interest while the latter would have produced a huge amount of sunk cost that would have been necessary to re-build the expertise domestically. Could Cameron have "sold" such spendings to the public in light of recent general economic hardship? Who knows, I doubt it. And of course it would have taken years, didn't Cameron promise the vote by some date?

I have no doubt that this lack of expertise is part of the reason, if not *the* reason, for the messy way May is handling the whole thing. Just listen to the nonsense Davis produced - according to him (I'm paraphrasing) it should have been easier than a walk in the park, and a matter of months to finalise a deal.
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