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Re: What / who are Serafe?

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P's me off.

Until now I was totally paper free with Billag - all bills paid electronically - nothing in the mailbox - so one of those unwanted things that sorts itself out.
Like taxes and dying, Billag is inevitable.

Now I get a paper letter addressed not only to me but also to my daughter, stating we are both liable to pay extortionate costs for this truly shxt service, that we never use (don't even have a TV).

The name on the envelope just wanted to make me discard it with any other unwanted junk flyers. Only opened it because it had all occupants named.
Otherwise with the name SERAFE it would have immediately gone unopened into the bin.

Know that there's there's no recourse, but it get's my hackles up.
Because itís a new service, there is probably a paper bill the first time. You can select direct deposit (LSV), ebill and continue on the paperless route. Looks like they donít have their shit together and didnít transfer payment method from billig.
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