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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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If you want to see what is really happening, how‘s about this. I attended the talk in Zürich last night where it was said everything is in place with Switzerland for both deal and no deal. No need to worry.

This morning the FT posted that no trade deals are ready with Switzerland being part of the 70% of UK trade which isn‘t ready.

I tried to comment to explain their mistake.

I was deleted twice and put on pending afterwards.

It’s abundantly clear that the press and parliament are trying to derail BREXIT.
The fact that there is absolutely nothing in place for any scenario apart from No Deal, where all deals are off, should speak volumes for the person that told you that "everything is in place" concerning Switzerland and the UK.

It's unlikely that UK citizens already settled in Switzerland on permanent contracts and in relationships will get kicked out, even in the event of a no deal, but it is likely to affect people from the UK wanting to move here post-Brexit.

I'd say the person you were talking to was a bit over-confident and overly-optimistic.
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