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Re: Bye bye Billag [Welcome our new overlord Serafe]

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We didn't even pay that. Billag was not compulsory. If you had no devices you didn't have to pay. Serafe is different in that respect. Whether you have devices will no longer be looked at after an initial transition period where you can still be exempted.

Very few people will be exempted, like it or not, we all benefit from the TV and radio as it is here important announcements will be made in the event of natural disasters (think Earthquake, Basel, 1356) whether we all watch it is not really the question.

It is part of the identity of a country (think BBC & UK)

The tax with Bilag was around Chf 450.-- per year, a democratic vote was held and the result was every household pays a reduced rate of Chf 365.--

Apart from a very few people, we can all receive and watch Swiss TV over the telephone, tablet, in the car, computer or even with a real TV !

It may not seem fair to the 24% of the population who are foreign, i have no idea how many of that 24% cannot or do not understand the language of their particular linguistic region, but the vote was made and the majority wanted this solution so here we are.
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