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Re: Wife returned to origin country

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In your case the young lady did not loose residency in Switzerland (provided she was a foreigner at all).
Who said anything about residence in Switzerland? According to the neighbours and the town hall she is a foreigner.
Lady at the town hall told us that if they are not told about the departure, the person stays registered an eternity (her words).

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That's not what you did, you merely stated that her address is no longer valid. The clerk's reaction. assiing the gf was indeed deregistered, was an indirect consequence only.
OP can't deregister the wife. But he can inform the authorities that she left the country for good.
No we asked for her residence to be removed, which as owners of the property we can do. It wasn't done on the spot. We requested it. I'll be checking later this month when the head of department gets back from her holiday that this has been done. Given that the town hall know we purchased in 2017 it is very unlikely that this deregistration won't be carried out. Otherwise it is simply fraud or assisting fraud (especially if the woman was still claiming benefits based on her being a guest of the previous owner) as the authorities are informed that the person isn't there and hasn't been there for at least 18 months. According to the neighbours it is more likely to be 3 years.

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