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Re: Serafe TV licence fee

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I live in Switzerland. I have just received the new TV and radio licence fee, which from this month is compulsory for every household here. It amounts to 365 CHF a year. Anyone who has a WIFI router, smartphone, TV, radio etc must pay. I do not want to pay this for two reasons. I never watch Swiss TV or listen to Swiss radio. But that means nothing to them. I still have to cough up. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, the SRF (Swiss Broadcasting Corporation) is not in any way impartial or objective in its news the BBC, it is a progressive Left propaganda machine. You, anti-Trump and America, identiy politics, pro-AGW,. pro-immigration. Anti-Israel. Globalist. And massive omissions in its reporting. The whole gamut. As a public broadcaster funded by tax payers via the fee, it is obliged to be objective, so therefore we are talking about a dereliction of duty. Here's what I have in mind.
If I don't pay the bill, and after a few warnings, and also not paying the eventual 5000 CHF fine(!) I would have to spend some time in prison I guess and of course be put on the debt collectors register...and even deported. This is a freedom tax. Extortion. The Swiss don't mess about!! Alternatively, I pay the bill, and then sue the SRF for the above dereliction of duty as a public broadcaster. That would mean a lawyer and having to collect evidence.
Is there anyone else on here who does not want to pay this because they don't use the service? And is there anyone here who would be interested in crowdfunding to pay for a case against the SRF?
Maybe go back to the country you came from with all its freedoms and liberties and leave us oppressed, brain washed sheep in peace?
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