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Re: Bye bye Billag [Welcome our new overlord Serafe]

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What some, including me, are suggesting is exactly what no-billag proposed:

Keep SRF, but have them encrpyt (or whatever they feel like) their offer, and only those who want it pay and can then access it.

I had the pleasure of meeting the head of no billag, Olivier Kessler, in person. He told me that their committee was, after some hesitation, invited to meet some SRF folks. The first serious question SRF apparently asked Kessler was "why don't you like us?".

That's really a big part of the problem: "No-Billag" did and does not "not like SRF". They just don't like the fact that everyone is forced to pay.

It is and remains absurd, that you are obliged to pay for something simply through the fact that you can consume it.

I work in consultancy. Everybody can book me, including SRF. I wonder how they would react if I'd send them a bill for my services based on the fact that they can book me. To be honest, I guess they'd laugh and put my bill into the trash without answering. However, if I don't react to their SERAFE B$, eventually the police would come to knock on my door.

In essence, the money is taken from me by force and against my will.
Brilliant comment. You nailed it. If you don't pay the fee, and don't pay the fine for not paying the fee, you go to prison. It's a freedom tax. Switzerland is a police state in disguise.
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